[Very] Direct Mail

One of the best campaigns of direct mail I’ve ever seen.  (Not that I’m an expert on the subject, but I do get a lot of junk in the mail…that counts for something, right?!)

I love how they personalize this project.  I would love to see if it ever converted into a sale.

Porsche Marketing

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Fasting to Avoid Jet Lag

I travel a bit.  Sometimes overseas.  I read this article and liked the ideas so I thought I’d share.

Basically, if you’re going to Europe, eat breakfast the day of your flight and then fast until you arrive the next morning in Europe. (Because flights to Europe usually arrive in the morning.)

If you’re going to Asia, eat breakfast the morning of your flight and then eat again when it’s breakfast time in your destination city.  Ask the flight attendant to hold your meal for you.

And sleep early on each flight!

I’m going to try this, for sure.

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I was driving in to work the day after the Celtics won game five down in Miami.  I was listening to Mike and Mike and they had Tim Legler on the show.  One thing that he said that really resonated with me was the main difference he saw in the two teams: passion.

You could see it in the Celtic players.

You couldn’t see it with most of the Heat players.

Isn’t that true for most things in life?  Those with a passion for what they are doing succeed? (At least eventually, right?)

I need to have more passion.



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Fish and Chips.

Be the best.  The rest will then fall into place.

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Customized Statesman Tie #2 – Brazil



I’d like to thank my wife for doing such a great job on the embroidery and the attachment of the tag.  I couldn’t do this without you!

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Customized Statesman Ties

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Spicing Up Bonuses


There was a lady helping me with a project at work today.  She did a lot of hard, boring work that will really make it easier to get some important information out of some of our customers.  I need to say “Thanks” for her efforts and that’s what got me thinking: What would really mean the most to her? A card? Money? An email sent with her boss cc’d?

I wish I knew…

That thought then turned into an idea.  (A concept I’m sure has been talked about multiple times before.)  What would happen if everyone got customized bonuses?

I’m talking about the above-and-beyond that an employer gives to his employees.

My idea is that each employee takes a test (like that personality test with the four different colors) anonymously that ascertains what form of praise/reward is most liked by that person.  The employer is able to find out how best to praise/reward the employee accordingly.

A customized bonus.  Something that (hopefully) means more to that specific employee than it would to a colleague.

The specifics would obviously need to be hammered out, but – for example – recognition in front of peers versus a big check. (I’m sure a *big* check would never hurt, though.) Or, time-off versus a set of golf clubs.


Now that I’ve got this written down and out of my head, where does this already take place?  Does it work?  I’d like to know.

(I bet something like this would work for being promoted, too.)


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