Diet Soda








Something I learned today from this article:

“Diet soda actually contributes to weight gain… Turns out, any sweet taste signals body cells to store fat and carbohydrates, which makes you hungrier. Sweet tastes also promote insulin release, which blocks your body’s ability to burn fat. The hard truth: No published study has ever proven that drinking diet soda will help you lose weight.”

I don’t drink a lot of diet soda.  Hardly ever.  When I do, I usually tell myself that it’s better for me because it doesn’t have all the sugar and calories of regular soda.  That being said, if my intention is to avoid calories to therefore avoid weight-gain, then I’m deceiving myself; my body still thinks that I’m putting something “sugary” in it and therefore does the thing that I didn’t want it to do in the first place!

Water is my best friend.  Water is my best friend.  Water is my best friend.

(The above revelation is VERY simplified and a very off-the-cuff analysis, so hopefully you’ll read this and just look at the general idea.)


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