My wife and I were talking last night about dieting and working out.  One of the things that hit me this morning – as I was thinking about our conversation – was the theme of consistency.  (Brought up because of this post.) If you make it a habit of getting up every day and knowing that there is a specific time you have to work-out and you’re committed to showing up at that time, then you’ve won 80% of the battle.

Doing the same thing over and over each day (or Monday through Friday for example) will hopefully lead to a feeling of loss when you don’t do it.  I think that this is comparable to NOT doing something each day – like exercise – which is something that makes it so hard to start in the first place.

You’ve gotta start somewhere.

Just start.

Commit to do it the same day, time and place.

Then repeat.

I feel good about that.

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