Another Proclamation that Neckties are Dead. (Really?)

I see articles like this quite often.  I wonder who all the national pollsters poll about these things?  How big of a group do they talk to to get their percentages?  I’m sure that there are quite a few people who don’t wear ties because they don’t have to in their there work environment, but does that spell demise?

I’m pretty sure it doesn’t.

The question I always ask myself is: “What’s going to replace the necktie?”

Answer: (For the masses) “Nothing.”

It’s still going to be the go-to piece of clothing for any guy who is trying to dress-up and/or look professional.  Sure, there are other variations.

Also, there is the bow tie.

Until someone comes up with a completely new way to dress a guy up that will appeal to a couple billion men, I’m pretty sure the necktie is here to stay.

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