The Average Joe Entrepreneur Bank

Something I’ve been slow cooking in my brain lately is the idea of starting a *bank* (though I don’t really want it to be as stiff as a bank) that helps out the Average Joe entrepreneurs – like me.

I thought that it should be something simple.  Almost like the Grameen Bank.  Micro-loans that are offered without credit history or — maybe — even collateral.  I haven’t gotten that far yet, but I do want to put out there what I’m thinking about and have a reference point later.

I would give up to $1000 to anyone who has a business plan and can’t find funding anywhere else.

When they pay the initial loan back, they could then ask for up to $5000.

The opportunity cost to use this money would be 10%.  So, you borrow $1000, you’d have to pay $1100 back.  Pretty simple.

After three months, you’d have 12 months to pay it back.  Paying back $92 a month seems pretty doable to me.

This wouldn’t be like those places that you go to get $100 bucks for a new PS3.  I’d need to see a business plan and some desire.

I know I feel like this would be valuable to me.  Would it be worth it to other people?


Any other ideas?

…I’ll have to add some marinade and keep this one warm.

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2 Responses to The Average Joe Entrepreneur Bank

  1. Cody says:

    Not sure how these two ideas connect, but when I read this blog post from Dan Pink I thought of you.

    • robcaldwell says:

      I think they are both related; helping people start businesses by providing funding. I know from my experiences so far that smaller amounts of start-up capital is hard to come by. I hope both ideas succeed!

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