Yesterday I was eating dinner with some family members.  I found out an older set of relatives took a bunch of old baby toys and devices (ie. a swing, happy-hopper, etc.) and put them on their front lawn Saturday morning.  The idea was to set them out there and give them away, for free.

In order to give some insight as to the setting for this give-away, these family members live on a very calm street.  In addition to a few neighbors driving to and from their houses there may be a stray car every once in a while who happens to make a wrong turn and cruise on by.

The final detail has to do with the signage; or lack thereof.   There wasn’t anything in the yard advertising what was going on.  Not even some sort of sign saying, “Free!”

How many items did they get rid of? Not a thing.

Now, I must take a minute here to say I’m not making fun or trying to belittle my relatives.  I simply want to make the point that: you reap what you sow.

If this “give-away” were to be staged again, here are a few things I’d do to increase the reaping with minimal sowing:

  1. Make a big sign that said, “Free Baby Stuff.”
  2. Take all the “stuff” down to the busy road close to their house and set it along the street.
  3. Affix the sign made in item #1 to a tree or pole next to the “stuff”.
  4. Go home and come back later to take the sign down; pick-up any leftovers.

There are many more things that could have been done to move these items, but my point is, a little effort can go a long way in reaching your goal.

What would YOU have done?

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