Would you buy this for $3?

Over and over again, it seems like a quality loaf of bread is hard to come by for less than $4-5 a loaf.  Is there a market for higher-end bread that costs around $3?  What would it look like?

Something that I read about a while ago talked about a bakery with women from all over the world who bake breads from their respective countries.  I think it is called The Hot Bread Kitchen.  I love the idea.  I don’t know what they charge, but the bread looks wonderful.

Could I start something like that here in Utah Valley?  And sell quality bread for $3 or less?

I would love to explore the idea.

I think it wouldn’t scale at the beginning, so I’d have to sell some bread at a higher price until we produced more loaves.  Eventually, I think it would be possible.

Any thoughts?

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