Preparing a Guest Post

I’m in the process of putting together a guest post for Shua. I met him in person at SMCUV two months ago when he gave a talk about listening and engaging (basically). He’s asked for some new blood to come and write about some of the things he usually writes about, but with our own knowledge and insight. (Go to his blog is you’re really interested in details of what he’s got goin’ on.)

That’s where this post comes in…. I’m breaking down a topic (Internet Marketing) and building a guest post out of it.

So far, I’m going in this direction:

Making a Community – How? – Where to start? – Keeping it interesting – Engagement – “Being a Bumblebee” – Using social media – putting out great content – preparation – becoming too popular: is this possible?

That’s the bare bones of it right now. I’m feeling pretty good about what’s coming out of that and where it’s going. Now, I just need to fill it out a bit and go from there.

Any other suggestions?

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One Response to Preparing a Guest Post

  1. Felicia says:

    I think that sounds like a great topic! Community is key!

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