SEO on a Website

My friend Scott and I were talking today while eating pastrami burgers. (No tomatoes, btw.)  I asked him what he thought about the idea of having at least 1,000 words on a website to begin helping a website to have really good SEO.  Scott countered with the statement that the more pages that are in a website helps SEO go up more than the amount of words.

After he said that, I agreed with him.  It makes sense.

A page or multiple pages can have thousands of words on each of them, but the more pages that have to be crawled through the longer it takes to get off a website and on to the next one.

I’m not any kind of expert here, but there is some truth to that which resonates in my mind.

Anyone disagree?  Agree?

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One Response to SEO on a Website

  1. Bryan Chapman says:

    Having quantity of words isn’t necessarily what is important. You need RELEVANT keyword rich content that isn’t too repetitive. Yeah, lots of words will get you a quick bump but you will end up getting sandboxed if all you have is content heavy websites.

    There are lots of other things that make Google crawl a little better like removing extensions to your sites (no .html, .php, etc.) and other “secrets”.

    Anyway, just remember Google is like a hard to get woman….you just have to keep trying until you find something that works!

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