Be Personal.

I was listening to a live Mixergy interview of Seth Godin.   (One of my goals in life is to meet him and not sound too stupid talking to him.  [Maybe that’s two goals…hmmm.])  Seth made the “Be Personal” statement and it really hit me.  I’ve been learning a lot about this in the past couple of years, but for some reason, it really clicked for me yesterday.  Being personal and being yourself is so important in business and relationships these days.

I think that’s why Twitter works for most of those people who get what it’s about.

I think that’s why niche businesses can gain strong followings and then word-of-mouth spreads and makes them successful.

I think that anyone who really thinks about it realizes that those interactions with anyone or at any place where personal attention was given make that experience so much more memorable than what would have happened without.

That is my goal.  Be Personal.

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2 Responses to Be Personal.

  1. I completely agree with you. Being personal and creating a space for you and your client to build a relationship is a key piece to lasting success. People want to trust that who they are doing business with is genuine. Good post!

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