The Fat Cyclist

My friend Cody and I were talking the other night about one of his inspirations for a new project he’s going to start.  It came from a guy who calls himself Fatty.

The interesting thing about Fatty is that he’s not fat; at least not anymore. 

I think that his story is a great example of motivating himself to be something better than he was by pointing out the obvious and then going out and changing.

Being that this is the beginning of a new year with all the goal setting and resolutions that are made, Fatty could be inspirational for many.  (I say “could” because that best describes the relationship of what he’s done with his life versus what may happen to you or me.)


If we motivate ourselves.

If we follow through consistently.

If we work hard.

If we report to others how we’re doing.

If we reward ourselves for our progress and reaching our goals. (I don’t know enough about Fatty to say for sure if or how he’s rewarded himself, but I do think it’s important.)

I don’t know many people Fatty has influenced, but it’s cool what he’s done.

Will he influence you?

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One Response to The Fat Cyclist

  1. blcberry says:

    Great post! Good luck with the tie business.

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