Being the “est”

I saw a great video today from Mike who is also known as the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.  (Great, great name.)  He told everyone in his video that the secret to being the most successful at what you do is to be the “est”; the coolest, cheapest, biggest, complicated-est, easiest, funniest, etc.  He gave a few examples of people and companies like this in real life and how they were the very successful at what they were doing because they were the “est”.

(I kept thinking about the movie You, Me and Dupree and how Dupree finds his niche in life by becoming a motivational speaker who encourages people to find their “ness”…kind of the same thing…funny stuff Owen Wilson.)

This got me thinking…How can I be the “est” in what I’m doing?

I’m staring a tie business.  There are a million tie companies out there and many that sell great ties, have a ton of loyal customers and do very well for themselves.  What can I do to differentiate myself?

A few ideas:

1. Be the best at customer service.  Emulate Zappos and their amazing customer service for all the things they sell.  I also just watched a video about Tiny Prints and how they will telephone a customer to help them with their order; to ask them if they can fix the red-eye or fuzziness on a picture or something like that.  That is great service.  The CEO said that this surprises their customers in a great way, too.

I’ve also thought about hand-delivering my ties to people who are local.  It may cost a bit more, but seeing them and interacting with them would make the transaction so much more personal and memorable.

2.  Being the customizable-est.  I’m going to offer a  customized tag on the back of each tie where a personal message or statement can be written.  There are other companies that do this, but somehow I’ve got to be the best.

I think these are some of the ways to get started.  I’ve got to think of some  more.  If you have any ideas for me, I’d sure love to hear them.

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