red box

I walked into Wal-Mart tonight and to get some rolls for the Big-Day-of-Thanks tomorrow. 

My wife asked me to stop by the Red Box machine and pick up a movie. 

As many times as I have been to that particular Wal-Mart, it seems like there are always people standing in a line by the Red Box, waiting for their turn.  I understand that during other parts of the day no one is giving the Red Box any love, but either way, I still have to think to myself, “Self, it would seem like good business and customer service to add another machine to a place such as this.” 

If you’ve ever experienced a Red Box before, you know that there are always those people who take a really long time to choose their movie (me tonight) or can’t seem to work the touch screen very well (a guy and his son in front of me tonight) or something else to make the whole process slower.  I would think that a high-traffic area such as Wal-Mart would easily solicit at least two of these apparatuses (or apparati; can I say that?). 

How much would another one cost?  How much would another one earn?  Maybe it’s not even a monetary return; maybe it’s just one less thing to hold someone up from getting their movie faster and therefore helping that person be a little more happy about their movie renting experience?

I don’t know.  Seems logical to me. 

So, if you’ve never experienced a Red Box before, I guess your ways of watching a movie are superior to mine.  I’d still suggest to go and give it a whirl. 

For those of you who have, do you agree with me?  Should I ask someone to add another one there at the Wal-Mart?

Oh, and next time you see someone taking a long time…sorry…it could be me….don’t be a hater! 🙂

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