I tried to make cookies tonight. 

I actually produced cookies, but I say “tried” because they really didn’t turn out very well.  I write this with some cookie still on my face and only milk to drown away my sorrows.  (At least the milk was good!) 

I tried a new recipe.  My sister told me how her husband really, really liked the cookies she made.  They were a little different than the normal cookies that you bake from the recipe your Mom always uses (or Dad…can’t forget that Dad could be the one to make cookies!) .  No egg white.  Just egg yolk and extra brown sugar and some extra baking soda. 

At least that’s what I remember.  How many and how much?  Don’t remember too well.  “Just double it” she said.

Well, my cookies will never see the light of day or another living soul, but I did learn something;  winging it doesn’t usually work. 

I wish I had the correct recipe.  I did try to call my sister.  Voicemail; so I forged on. 

I don’t want to just “wing it” in business.  There will probably be times when I’ll have to in order to get through something urgent, but I’m going to try and do most everything with some sort of knowledge gained from somewhere else or have someone else do what I need to have done. 

Be humble.  That could be my maxim.

Now, when is my sister going to call back with the recipe?

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