Opposing Views

At least a couple times a week I speak to my wife and there will be something that she thinks should be done one way and I think should be done another.  Or, her opinion is A and my opinion is B.  Sometimes things are done her way and sometimes they are done my way.  It’s a give-and-take way of doing things that I think is important in any relationship.

I’m glad to see other perspectives sometimes; sometimes I’m not so glad. 

I really like to go to different places and see how people work and live and think.  Sometimes things are better; sometimes they’re not (at least for me). 

I think that opposing views are important in this world.   I am liking more and more the times when I get to see other sides of certain views.  This related to what one of my university professors pointed out during my Senior year; the fact that we wouldn’t remember much of what we learned, but hopefully we had learned how to take an issue and think about it and decide for ourselves what we thought and how we felt.

I found a new blog to read tonight written by Michelle.  From the first post I read to the last I kept thinking how different her point of view was compared to mine. 

Did I agree with everything she wrote?  No.  Did I like reading a different take on subjects I’d already read or heard about?  Yes. 

This is one of the great things about life; being exposed to new ideas, cultures, and ways of doing things. 

I did some good reading tonight.  Thanks, Michelle.

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