Spending Time

The time spent with you customers is going to be the new currency on-line. 

This is the main message that Gary Vaynerchuk speaks about here.  It totally makes sense to me.  There are tons of free things out there that anybody can use and consume.  What is going to make me different?  It will be time.  (I can’t wait to get my business up and running and really show my customers that I care and am grateful for their business.) 

I will be asking everyone that is willing to give me feedback and I will use that to improve and become better.

I’m going to give more than I get; by means of what they purchase and what they actually receive.  Leave something extra on the table. 

I hope to give everyone great service.  

I got a great idea about business cards tonight and how to make myself more memorable by giving them out.

More to come.

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