Finding A Web Designer

I’ve been trying to find someone who can design my website. 

I’ve had multiple conference calls with people and nothing has been able to work out for me (or them!).  I am really trying to get the most bang for my buck; spend as little money as possible and try to get the best site made.   It seems to me that most people are like this, no?  I’m bootstrapping this whole business with a very small amount of money.  My site will be the face of my business for a long time.  (But, maybe that’s not really true; I’m putting in a lot of effort into making my neckties remarkable, so hopefully the site will be just a means to an end.)  I know that in most cases in, though, you get what you pay for….

Having said that 99designs may just be my answer.  I’ve seen a lot of really good material over there done by many talented people–for very reasonable prices.  Compared to the price of $15,000.00 that I was quoted once, I think the prices (or prizes awarded) are even cheap!

I think if I ask for everything to be very simple, clean, and smooth, many people can design what I’m looking for.  There are still some other options out there right now. . . Does anyone else have suggestions for me?

Let me know.

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