Web Design Companies

I went to the Big Business and Technology Expo last week and the goal for me was to find some more companies that could design my website for me.  The other goal was to find any other companies that might be able to help me in setting up my business.  I accomplished both of my goals.  That was kind of unexpected.  Which was nice.

The web design companies that I found seemed like they knew what they were doing and at least one of them will be added to my list of potential companies to work with. 

I found a company that can help me make a survey of all my ties and then be able to have anyone I’d like look at them and choose which tie they like best.  This is something I’ve been looking on-line for and not really finding what would work best for me.  That was a nice find.

There were a couple of law firms there too.  I spoke to one and they said that they dealt a little with small business start-ups like myself, but I really didn’t feel good that they were really experienced;  like they really didn’t have the chops.  So, too bad for them, but good to talk to another company to get some experience.

There were some other good things that happened too.  I did run into an old friend who is the one of the VPs at Issimo.  It was great to see him again and he actually recommended me to go and see one of my favorite web design companies that I met at the Expo.  Thanks Jake!

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