Dealing with China

I’ve been trying to get my sample ties made from various manufacturers in China.  I started out with a round of samples made by three different companies about a year ago.  Now, I’ve got three more companies making samples for me.  One of the first companies that made ties for me did a really good job.  They are still in the running to become my supplier, but the others are not.  Of the three that are competing right now, there is one that stands out as another possible favorite.  I’ll call this company #4.

#4 has really been good to work with.  They followed my designs quickly and accurately and were very responsive.  The best thing about them so far (besides the above facts already mentioned and the fact that the actual samples were the best so far) was that they accepted PayPal.  They were the first company to do this; and that made life quite a bit easier.  I didn’t have to call Western Union or go down to my bank.  There wasn’t any extra transfer fees tacked on to the cost.  This was so painless, I almost laughed. 

I have since asked the latter companies if they use PayPal and one said that it was too hard and the other just said that they didn’t.  Do they have a chance with me?….Maybe.  But, I’m really liking ol’ #4.

The take away:  Try to find companies that help to make your life easier.

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