The Power of a Whisper

There has to be a myriad of ways to send a message by using your voice.  You can shout, yell, jump up-and-down, flash lights, wave signs while you shout and yell. Also, you can use various intonations in your voice and even mumble a bit. 

All of those things are good ways to get attention and use a lot of your energy doing so.  I propose that the whisper is the *best* way to send a message. 

Whispering means that you speak softly.  Speaking softly usually means that not many people can hear you and if there are a lot of people around they have to get really close to you in order to receive the full message. 

Also, when you whisper, you usually don’t have to use much energy to speak.  I’d venture to say that you can speak longer when you whisper before you voice gets tired.  (Most of the singers I know can’t sing all day and then go out and perform well that night because their voice is too tired.)  If you don’t want to use much energy, then your message should probably be thought out and poignant. 

Both of these things tie into being more effective when you communicate.  When you have to say something, trying “whispering”.  Maybe not literally whisper, but bring a few people close, keep your “voice” low, make sure your message is powerful and ready to go, then let it out.  I think that the people who hear are those who want to hear and if you’ve set yourself up for success, then the message will hit home stronger than if you yelled or shouted it. 

If you want your message to spread, this would be a better way to go, too.

Any comments?  I’d like to hear about it.

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