AdSense take II

As I’ve been studying more about AdSense, I notice it more on websites.  I wrote in my last post about how I didn’t really like how the ads were displayed.  I’ve since learned more about this and the fact is that you can change the color and appearance to match very closely the color  and format of your site.  I knew something like this should be available; it just took some digging.

I’ve also been reading a lot about how tweaking the ad position and where it is displayed is vital.  Just becuase you think you one spot will be the best, doesn’ t mean that it WILL be the best.  I liked Dave Taylor’s comments on the AdSense blog where he spoke about his experience with positioning. 

I am thinking and writing a lot about the look of my blog.  I think for most people, this is important.  For some, though, it isn’t. (Profound, I know.)  Why I say this is because there has to be many more sites out there that probably don’t look very good (to me at least) and they probably do very well.  One site I just found out about is called ““.  It is not the worst site I’ve ever seen, but it is pretty plain.  Yet, as I read in Inc magazine, Markus makes over 10 million a year from that site and it all comes from the advertising.  I bet there are many more sites out there that do well and are very plain in appearance.

So, what I’m understanding in all this is that I think a person has to play to their own tastes and style.  The more authentic you are in what you do and how you “look” will increase your brand and help you to carve out your niche. 

I look forward to learning more about AdSense and other ad programs.  I like seeing what is out there and what I envision my brand looking like.

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2 Responses to AdSense take II

  1. I agree with you robcaldwell each person has to play his own to grow your own brand.
    Quite well explained article.

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