How to market something that you have a monopoly on.

I am the Product Manager for Regional Seat parts for aircraft at my place of employ.  We have an “exclusive distributorship” for these parts.  The marketing lady came and talked to me today to learn more about the product line and what the market is like and how she could help.  I really like her and what she is trying to do. 

After we spoke for about an half and hour, we came to kind of an impasse; she didn’t really have any take-away items with which she could help me/the company to market these parts any better.  The customers that have our seats have to come to us for their spare parts (or get them repaired using surplus parts or something else).  They have to pay our prices, so the margins are great.  And, I think we do a pretty good job at customer service, so that isn’t really a place to be greatly improved (or maybe it is?).

So, what do I think to myself…

1. I need to improve the client/vendor relationship.  I’m going to start “showing the love” to my customers and getting the sales people to show the love too.  I can’t do it all on my own, right?  I’m going to do some targeted training and help them to keep this product line on their minds and also give them more knowledge to go out and be confident selling.

2.  I’m going to send targeted emails with specific parts in them that I’m going to offer at better prices, so as to bring back some more business that could be lost by the higher prices we normally charge for some parts.  I won’t do this with our fast movers, mostly the slow movers and stock that has already been written off.

I think, that by using these to main methods, I’ll be able to keep both customer and employee thinking about this product line more and thus move more product in the end.

Any thoughts about this?  What more could I do?

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