The 8th Habit

I’ve started to read “The 8th Habit” by Stephen Covey and it is a good book so far.  (I’m through Chapter 2.)  It seems to be a book that is going to be similar to Seth’s Tribes book in that it is encouraging people to step up and be more and lead by using their voices, talents, etc.  It will be different, I know as I get going, but those are my first impressions.

I’m looking forward to reading more and learning more.  One of my favorite parts so far actually has to do with the interview Covey did with MohammedYunis.  I’ve learned about Yunis and the Grameen many times before, but this time, when the story was broken down into parts that relate to becoming better and doing more (the power of one to make a difference) it made me more apprecative and respect what he did and is doing even more.  

I think this is what Covey is going to go into more through the rest of his book and I’m interested to see how it unfolds.

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