Chris Anderson’s article about “Free”

I really liked this article. 

I think a lot of things are moving that way.  Also, though, I think that you don’t have to give away everything you produce.  There isn’t anything wrong with having people pay for the product or service that you provide.  I think that there are items that are “commoditizing” and thus it make sense to offer them free from the start. 

I’m going to be starting a business soon.  I’ve actually already started; I just don’t have the product to sell yet.  I’m sure that I’m not going to give them away for free.  I would like to sell them for a quasi-premium price.  I wonder, though, if I did just give them away and charged for the packaging if that would work?  Maybe not.  (I would charge, for example, $5 for it; where as the product itself would normally sell for around $30.)  I have though a lot about giving the packing away for free; along with the product.  Still, though, that is only a part of my offering that is free.  More or less it’s just a value add.  I don’t know….more to think about.

I really like provocative articles like the one from Chris Anderson above. 

Any thoughts of your own?

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