Saying “Thanks”

I just read this post about the power of “Thank-you”. 

As I was writing a comment, I asked, “Why does it seem like my ‘Thank-yous’ are lost on some people?”  What I was thinking about when I wrote this was the fact that I say “Thank-you” quite a bit.  In emails. After meetings.  Wherever and whenever I can.  I don’t know if people have come to expect this or not.  Do they really appreciate this?  Do I?  I know that when I go above and beyond the “normal” written thank-you and do something more, that is usually more noticed.  (Obviously)  I think this is something that I would look at also and really be grateful for if someone did something extra special for me.  (And I do, usually do this.) 

My main point, though, is the everyday “thanks” that you get so often.  I try not to end my emails by writing, “Thanks, Rob”.  If I do use this, I am really thanking that person for something they did.  Do they really think that I’m being sincere when I’m doing this?  Is it just too rote that there should be some other way to “thank” people but not use the word?

I’m asking a lot of questions, because I really don’t have a good answer right now.  I will keep saying “Thank-you” and meaning it in the mean time, though, so don’t worry. 🙂

Maybe something like, “I appreciate you” with a little bit different of a ring would work? 

Any thoughts?

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