A/B Split Testing

I’ve been reading more about A/B split testing.  I am very interested to see how it could work for me and my side business selling ties on-line. 

The first thing that I want to do is see how well my pricing theory versus my wife’s theory.  I want to sell the ties for a higher set price that included shipping, etc.  My wife thinks that I should sell them for one price and then have the shipping and other costs added on at the end.  I read an article a while ago which I posted about and basically says that “free shipping” at a cost of $6 can be more appealing that an upfront discount of $10.  I think that this new side project of mine will really be a good place to test this.  I think that there could be some great things to study from other sites where they do this…now I’ve just got to find some businesses that will allow me to ask questions about what works for them.

There is one area of A/B testing that I don’t agree with (or maybe I don’t have the insight about this yet in order TO agree).  I read about the changing of font types and text placement and how that is supposed to be a big influencer one way or the other.  As I “poke” through the web, I rarely am blown away or drawn into a site that has a certain type of font versus some other type of font.  Yes, I do like the look of a nice flash-made site, but do the shape and style of the text really matter?  Not to me.  I wonder who is more enticed with snazzy text?  Maybe I AM and I just don’t realize it…

As for now, I’m going to stick with the hard numbers and learn more about the other theories.  I hope that I’m proved wrong about testing text; but not about adding the shipping cost at the end.

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