The Power of the Personal Touch

After reading this post by Tom Peters, I got to the bottom and read the last paragraph about the lending officer that drove by the factoryhe had just loaned money to.  At first, I didn’t really get the significance of this, so I had to read it a few more times.  After reading some of the comments to try and understand this better, the story finally made sense.  The lending officer made it a personal transaction and cared about the person and where the money went.  I think the key word here is “cared”.  The lender obviously needs to make money to live, but he took it upon himself to take a more personal interest in what his work really entailed. 

I don’t know how this would work in every industy today, but I know for the Aerospace industry that I work in right now, I can call and follow-up with my customers more to make sure that transactions went well and that their expectations of me as a vendor are being exceeded.  Also, I can check and see when shipments are made and confirm if these shipments were received and if everything went well. 

I hope that went I need a loan in the future that I can deal with someone who also has that personal touch that the lendor in the story had.  Hopefully he/she will come by and see my business…and even come in and say “Hi”.

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