30% off after 3:00

The above phrase is on a sign located in the window of a cafe next door to the hotel where we’re staying right now in Prague.  All the baked goods are 30% off after 3:00 pm.  At first, I thought this was a really good idea.  Get people in after the biggest part of the day is over and hopefully get the rest of the product out the door before it’s worthless. 

I guess this is still a good idea as I think about this, but, what do you do if you are there around 1:00 pm and you decide to go tour around some more and come back two hours later to get the big discount?  I guess it is still a win situation for the cafe and for yourself.  The cafe had two more hours to sell its wares to those who wanted “fresher” items and then ultimately got rid of more product when you came back (attracted by the nice discount). 

The sign caught my eye.  I haven’t had the desire to come back after 3:00pm yet.  I don’t think I will, but somebody will.  And then, the sign will have worked.  I wonder how else this could work in other situations?

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