Dynamic Family Sport

I lost my gym pass.  (Or misplaced it…we’ll see.)  I looked around for it in my car where I thought that is fell out of my wallet the other night.  I didn’t find it, so I went into my gym and told them that I had lost my card and that I needed a new one. The lady told me that they could make me a new one, but it would cost me eight Euros.  I said to myself, “Eight Euros!! What kind of gold plating are you going to use??!!”  Then I said, “Well, maybe I’ll go and try to look a little harder.”  The lady said, “Yes, that’s probably a better idea.” 

So, what do I gather from this?  I gather that for some reason, my three plus years of membership to Dynamic Family Sport have not entitled me to more than one free piece of plastic with a photocopied picture from my drivers license on it. 

I also gather that Dynamic Family Sport must have a really hard time making enough money to cover the expense of all the other things that they are offering, so they are trying to make it up on the backside by charging eight Euros for a some laminated paper.

Continuing to gather, I guess that somewhere along the line, the system is broken that says that it has to cost so much money to replace something that has almost no value. I can get into the gym by just saying my name; I don’t need a card to do that.  This is just their idea how how to make it “easier” for me.  When, in reality, as long as I continue to pay my monthly 46.30 Euro, why should they even care if I show up?  (I know it’s probably to help them keep hooligans from coming in off the street to exercise extremely hard and sweat all over their machines and make a big mess….I know, I know, that has to be.) 

I’m really not complaining about Dynamic Family Sport or their staff.  I like going there and the staff are cordial and some even know me by name (which is a nice touch).  I’m complaining about a small thing that could easily be fixed (or at least mitigated).  It could easily be made less of an issue by only charging one or two euros to replace the plastic and make whatever changes may be needed to my profile.  (This is just one of many ideas how to market themselves and keep the customer from spreading bad word of mouth.)

As I think about this idea of them charging eight Euros, though, maybe that is just the point; make it so painful to get a new one that you really have to be sure that you need a new one and therefore you try really hard not to lose the original….   

Any thoughts?

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