The New Shower

I keep seeing all the news about Emirates and their new A380 with all the latest and greatest that is now part of their luxury upper-deck.  One of the most unique parts about it the shower.

You get five minutes in there with a timer telling you how many seconds are left until your water runs out.  They are taking this first plane (of 58 ) on a tour of the U.S. before putting it into service.  I think that this is smart to get all those hygiene conscious Americans to see just how hygienic and refreshed they “could” be if they flew from JFK to Dubai or something like that.

This is where I stop talking about the unique part of the plane and shower, etc.   This is what I wonder:  How many American are going to be able to actually use this shower?  (Maybe not on this particular plane, but, you get the point.)  From how the plane is laid out and the other configuration to follow, my guess is not many.  It’s going to take a lot of extra gas to haul around the ton of water for this (not that they really care about the price), but that, to me, essentially equals out to be a really expensive marketing campaign.  But, there again, maybe this is their “purple cow”.  Who knows?  Any thoughts?  That’s where I’ll leave it for now.

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