Brown Rice

Brown riceNot too long ago, I heard on the BBC how the world food shortage is becoming more of a crisis basic food stuffs prices are going through the roof.  Then, in another segment, there was some guy talking about how when things like this become scarce or harder to buy because of high prices, the alternatives become more popular…at least for a while.  The interesting comment came when he said that, in the past, history has shown that when people switch to a different product to supplant a “normal” product, after that “normal” product becomes more available again (due to whatever the conditions may be) the consumer will go back to what to what they were originally buying. 

This is where brown rice come in.  Even though it is usually cheaper and more HEALTHY, people will still go back to eating white rice.  That doesn’t make sense to me.  In the larger sense of going with what you know and what you like, I guess it does, but if something is more healthy for you and most of the time cheaper, then why go back after you’ve “gotten used to” using/eating something different?  I guess it’s in our nature to do so, that is probably the main thing.  If you have any comments about this subject (or insights) please let me know.

The marketing take away:  If I were to go into  the food commodities business today, I’m pretty sure that brown rice would be a better niche than white.  Probably along the lines of selling shovels to gold diggers…probably.

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