The Biggest Shake Ever

I think I’m going to do it; yes, I’m going to open up a shop that sells the biggest shake in the world!  It’s going to be sold in a plastic bucket that is the same size as something you would see at KFC.  I’ll sell it for a reasonable price.  I’ll mix it in an industrial sized bowl and with one of those cement mixers.  There will be other shake sizes as well.  (Don’t worry.)  All with collectable cups. 

The other cool part about it will be the name.  I haven’t asked him if this is okay yet, but my buddy, Jacob Nelson, who is seven, is going to be the namesake of this place.  He is one of my favorite guys.  He is very passionate about Star Wars and Indiana Jones and Google Earth.  He is much more passionate about these things than I am; I don’t even have any action figures.  Passion is very important in this day and age.  Don’t do something big unless you’re passionate about it.  I think that is where I’m going to have to be when I open up “Jake’s Shakes”.  Oh, and the other thing will be that I’m going to only have the same amount of flavors as Jake is old.  So, if I were to open up Jake’s Shakes this year, I’d start off with seven fabulous flavors.  On each consecutive year, I’ll add another fab flavor.  I’ll probably name them after something Jake is passionate about at the time…we’ll see.  I hope that he’ll come and make guest appearance each year on or around his birthday to talk about the new flavor and why he would like it.  (Or, if he doesn’t like it, then he’ll tell everyone about why that is, because that’s how Jake is; honest and open in a soft-spoken Jake kind of way.) 

So, I hope all of you will come.  It’s going to be a great experience.  There will also be lots of spoons to go around, so, start thinking about the biggest shake ever and how you’re going to be able to finish every last drop.

[New idea: Make the production area be surrounded by glass…or at least visible for everyone to see the whole process.]

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One Response to The Biggest Shake Ever

  1. Mom Caldwell says:

    What do you mean you have “no action figures?” You still have a box of HeMan stuff in your old room!

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