As I was walking through the gym the other day, I saw a bit of Rafael Nadal playing a match with some other guy.  It got me thinking about his “vision” of, and he goal to win the French Open for the fourth time.  Taking it one step back, I was thinking about what he wears and how tennis players change their shirts quite a bit during those long matches.  From this I then thought that a guy like Rafa could be the type of guy who plans what color or style of shirt he is going to be wearing for the last set and in turn, to then be photographed in that shirt. 

So, the way he looks is probably important. (If the above statement is indeed the case.)

This being said, he’s gotta have a lot of guts to know (have the vision) that when he walks out on the court, he’s going to be wearing shirt “x”, then “y”, then “z” so that he can look like what he envisions himself to look like as he accepts the trophy and hoists it above his head.  This is done to the tune of hundreds and maybe thousands of cameras throughout the stadium; all recording him and the memory.



While the picture above (of his fourth! win in a row) doesn’t show a whole lot of his shirt, I wonder if he saw himself in that place, holding the trophy like he’s holding it now, wearing what he’s wearing?  If he did think about all of that and see himself like that, I’m pretty impressed.  I think that this is the way that we should think about everything we do.  See the end how we want it to be and then go out and do it.   Is that how I look at each goal I want to reach?  Is that where I set my confidence level? 

Do the sales that I’m going to make appear in my head?  Does the relationship that I want to have with my wife and kids appear up there inbetween my ears?  Has they been there already?  What happened to them if not?  I think they’re still there….

How can I take this vision another step in each interaction of my life?  Or do I even need to do that?  Every interaction would probably be overkill.  There has to be specific goals that you really care about that this would apply the most to.  When I say “this”, I’m not even sure that “this” is one specific thing yet, but for right now, it is the idea of setting a goal with the end envisioned in mind.  I think that can be powerful.  Taking the dreams you dream and, as they might be in the clouds at the time, cementing them together to form something more solid to hold onto.  (Is this where the “pen” actually hits the “paper” in most cases?…Could be.) 

If I set the goal with what I envision in my mind to look like and feel like, I think that I then give myself an added advantage to any “opponent”.  Cementing this vision is the harder part.  I think that I’m good at coming up with ideas or goals, but maybe not so good at taking a picture and then nailing it to the back of my eyelids.  Though, maybe some times I am.

Anyway, this is a work in progress.  Or thoughts in progress.  More to come.

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