Not so grand: Why product launches are overrated

This is a good idea I got from Digg:

“Better than grand openings is a 25% discount on any one item day. Place an ad in the “yard sale” section of the classifieds. MAKE sure you specify the ad go in yard sales. SERIOUS shoppers read ALL the yard sale ads. Send the announcement (a flyer with a request to post it) to local churches and social groups like Kiwanis, Rotary, Elks etc. or any group you can think of. People will show up that day to see what they can buy with a 25% discount. BE SURE and have some excellent items discounted. Not only will those who show up buy something, they’ll see the place and tell their friends. You’ve accomplished something – getting people to spend THEIR money on opening day – not yours. You can provide hot dogs and soda or cookies if you like, but you’ll get moochers. Just give the discount. Serious shoppers not hungry hordes is what you will attract.”

My question is if that can work for a web-based businss too? I think so if you get creative.

read more | digg story

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