I wrote this for Antonio after he asked me to guest post for him.  I was glad to do it; especially after all the great council he gave me.

Before I married my wife, I told her there were a few things I was bringing into the marriage that were non-negotiable. One was the naming of our first son; he had to have my name.  (Check and done.) Another was my collection of baseball cards.  I think this was one of the best sells I have ever made in my career — I got her to marry me without seeing how many baseball cards I had altogether.   I don’t have a whole room full of them, but there are a lot more than the shoebox full that she probably thought I had.

The question my wife has probably asked herself multiple times is “Why does he keep thousands of little cardboard squares with pictures of uniformed men on them that possibly might never be sold or given away?” In one word, I say: Sentiment.

Those baseball cards of mine represent hours of riding my bike back and forth to the baseball card shop when I was nine, ten, and eleven  years old. The money I earned mowing lawns with my Dad was burning a hole in my pocket each and every day.  I traded cards with the store owner and with my friends.  I sought out individual cards of my favorite players. I thrived on the hope that I would pull out of packs of cards the best and most valuable cards of each set.

Great times, for sure.

I could go on, but I’ll leave it there. These baseball cards mean a lot to me.  To most people, they probably look like a waste of space. To others, they (hopefully) see some value.  Even if other people don’t see any value, I do.

There are many things out there that we all hold on to that have sentimental value that may or may not have an extrinsic value for anyone but ourselves.  Watches, rings, coins, necklaces, money holders, pens, tie tacks, neckties, earrings, bracelets, etc.  All of the things I just listed could have some sort of value to one person and someone else could think the total opposite.

 All of these things I classify as trinkets.    

I’m sure that we all have a trinket somewhere that we keep around for sentimental value.  It could have a really high re-sale value if we were to sell it, or maybe not.  The point isn’t the value to someone else; it’s what that trinket means to us.

I think having trinkets in our lives help us to remember life events.  They are the physical representation for a memory that is locked somewhere deep inside our brains.  I can’t pass along a brain cell, but I can pass along a watch or a ticket stub and tell the story that goes along with how I got it, or where I was when the event occurred.  Not everyone writes down what happens to them each day, nor do many people keep trinkets for each daily event.  I am sure that the many (or few) souvenirs we collect along the pathway of life help in telling our story to others and making life more meaningful.

I’m sure a fan of the life trinkets I’ve collected, in all their various shapes and forms. Though, just in case, I better go and check on my baseball card collection.

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Diet Soda








Something I learned today from this article:

“Diet soda actually contributes to weight gain… Turns out, any sweet taste signals body cells to store fat and carbohydrates, which makes you hungrier. Sweet tastes also promote insulin release, which blocks your body’s ability to burn fat. The hard truth: No published study has ever proven that drinking diet soda will help you lose weight.”

I don’t drink a lot of diet soda.  Hardly ever.  When I do, I usually tell myself that it’s better for me because it doesn’t have all the sugar and calories of regular soda.  That being said, if my intention is to avoid calories to therefore avoid weight-gain, then I’m deceiving myself; my body still thinks that I’m putting something “sugary” in it and therefore does the thing that I didn’t want it to do in the first place!

Water is my best friend.  Water is my best friend.  Water is my best friend.

(The above revelation is VERY simplified and a very off-the-cuff analysis, so hopefully you’ll read this and just look at the general idea.)


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Airplane Boarding – It Can Be Fixed

I just read a great article about how to improve the boarding process on airplanes.

It makes a lot of sense; so I don’t understand why airlines haven’t started using this guys ideas.

I guess we can always hope. 🙂

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It’s interesting to me how I’m drawn to Jay-Z.  I don’t listen to any of his music on a regular basis and I’m not a rap fan in general.  I look up to his business acumen and where he’s personally taken himself.  He is talented – for sure – in many areas.

So, this article was another interesting one for me to read.  I enjoyed it.  I would like to listen to his music more if there weren’t so many swear words.

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What’s better than one?

Two, of course.

Or, maybe it just depends on what number one is.

I think the first one is always special.  Memorable.  And then, most of the time, we go for two, three, and maybe even more.  I think that’s what life is all about; striving to be better each day.  To keep going and pushing on.

The hard part for me at times, is to enjoy the ride and not just the destination.

I’m glad that there will more days to strive.

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My wife and I were talking last night about dieting and working out.  One of the things that hit me this morning – as I was thinking about our conversation – was the theme of consistency.  (Brought up because of this post.) If you make it a habit of getting up every day and knowing that there is a specific time you have to work-out and you’re committed to showing up at that time, then you’ve won 80% of the battle.

Doing the same thing over and over each day (or Monday through Friday for example) will hopefully lead to a feeling of loss when you don’t do it.  I think that this is comparable to NOT doing something each day – like exercise – which is something that makes it so hard to start in the first place.

You’ve gotta start somewhere.

Just start.

Commit to do it the same day, time and place.

Then repeat.

I feel good about that.

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Simply Cutieful

Lizet is the owner of a store on Etsy.  She happened upon one of my ties the other day, so I wrote back a little note to say thanks for liking the tie.  She wrote back how cool and detailed my ties were and how much she liked them.

That was definitely nice, but the story goes on.

I asked her a couple of questions about Etsy and selling my ties.  What I didn’t expect was a 2,000 word response!  That was super unexpected and nice. I didn’t know what to say.  I didn’t think I could respond in kind – it would just feel kind of like I was trying to one-up her (at least to me).  So, I sincerely thanked her and send my response.

Then, I promoted her site on Twitter.

Now, I’m writing about her on my blog.

(I forgot to mention that English isn’t her first language – and she still pumped out that huge response!)

I hope you’ll check out her site.

Buy something if you can.

Thanks again, Lizet!

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[Very] Direct Mail

One of the best campaigns of direct mail I’ve ever seen.  (Not that I’m an expert on the subject, but I do get a lot of junk in the mail…that counts for something, right?!)

I love how they personalize this project.  I would love to see if it ever converted into a sale.

Porsche Marketing

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Fasting to Avoid Jet Lag

I travel a bit.  Sometimes overseas.  I read this article and liked the ideas so I thought I’d share.

Basically, if you’re going to Europe, eat breakfast the day of your flight and then fast until you arrive the next morning in Europe. (Because flights to Europe usually arrive in the morning.)

If you’re going to Asia, eat breakfast the morning of your flight and then eat again when it’s breakfast time in your destination city.  Ask the flight attendant to hold your meal for you.

And sleep early on each flight!

I’m going to try this, for sure.

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I was driving in to work the day after the Celtics won game five down in Miami.  I was listening to Mike and Mike and they had Tim Legler on the show.  One thing that he said that really resonated with me was the main difference he saw in the two teams: passion.

You could see it in the Celtic players.

You couldn’t see it with most of the Heat players.

Isn’t that true for most things in life?  Those with a passion for what they are doing succeed? (At least eventually, right?)

I need to have more passion.



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